1. More Wendip oh my god someone stop me!

    This is what I imagine when I think of Wendy and Dipper doing “regular work stuff” together some years in the future. ;) Dunno why they’re in a utility closet. I guess it was the only place they could get some privacy, lolololol. 


  2. Wendip Wendip Wendip Wendip. 

    First one is also cross-posted to DeviantArt, so you can comment there if you like :)

    Second is of course a silly doodle of a future Wendy/Dipper kid (I’d say like 4-5 years old), who obviously is very spoiled by her aunt Mabel!


  3. So during this year’s Helsinki Design Week, I participated in a character sculpting workshop held by these lovely folks: 

    So I sculpted Mira, the main character from my story Bitter Lands. It’s kinda funny since she’s a BAMF monster fighter and the story style is kind of realistic, but I went ahead and made a chibi-esque version of her. She’s almost too cute to be Mira. XD

    You can see Mira here:


  4. So I finally took a friend’s advice to start watching Gravity Falls and it was all downhill from there. I can’t get enough of Wendy, she is such boss. *dork*


  5. I was watching a YouTube video by this adorable Korean girl, and she was just begging to be drawn. So I drew her, although it didn’t turn out looking like her. Still, I kinda like it.


  6. First one was quite random; I just wanted to draw a close up face, but I like the hair. Second one was inspired, as my sketches often are, by a woman that I saw on public transit. No, she wasn’t actually naked.

    First one


  7. Not much to say about this one…but I like how the hairstyle turned out :D


  8. Sketches all either inspired by people I saw on the tube (I’m in London for the summer), or in the case of the self portrait, that I drew on the tube.


  9. Doo de doo…*whistling*


  10. Not much to say about these…the first is a fashion design student who I might use as a character in a project, and the second is a singer who I just wanted to draw in an androgynous costume. :P