1. Not much to say about this one…but I like how the hairstyle turned out :D


  2. Sketches all either inspired by people I saw on the tube (I’m in London for the summer), or in the case of the self portrait, that I drew on the tube.


  3. Doo de doo…*whistling*


  4. Not much to say about these…the first is a fashion design student who I might use as a character in a project, and the second is a singer who I just wanted to draw in an androgynous costume. :P


  5. Couldn’t help myself, I just found out that I will get to intern in London this summer…so excited!


  6. Inspired by an outfit I wore one day.


  7. Suddenly, fanart!

    Don’t judge, I needed something to watch and had the whole series on DVD sitting on the shelf beside me and come on what was I supposed to do??


  8. Sometimes I feel like drawing girls in random poses/from random perspectives…


  9. I think this girl who I saw on the metro may have been a pirate…


  10. Doodles of people I’ve seen, in class and on the bus!