1. Couldn’t help myself, I just found out that I will get to intern in London this summer…so excited!


  2. Inspired by an outfit I wore one day.


  3. Suddenly, fanart!

    Don’t judge, I needed something to watch and had the whole series on DVD sitting on the shelf beside me and come on what was I supposed to do??


  4. Sometimes I feel like drawing girls in random poses/from random perspectives…


  5. I think this girl who I saw on the metro may have been a pirate…


  6. Doodles of people I’ve seen, in class and on the bus!


  7. Baby Sherlock, my goodness <3 <3 <3 After I saw “His Last Vow”, I just had to draw the child version of Sherlock that we saw arguing with Mycroft inside Sherlock’s mind palace. DEM CURLS.


  8. Ruffnut’s new short hair tho. Srsly. I hope they let her keep it for at least a few episodes, though I doubt they will :(


  9. Just some portraits of some fancy ladies!


  10. This was inspired by the hairdo that one of my professors actually has. You can tell that she’s definitely an artist. And that’s coming from another artist.